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Ocean Acidification
Geographic Extent
Scientific Basis
Management Decisions & Authorities, Recent Developments and Current Status
Processes and Effects


Ocean acidification is a phenomenon based on the ongoing decrease in pH of the Earth's oceans, some cause's related to this are the uptake of anthropogenic carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by the oceans. A relative timescale would be from 1751-1994 during which surface ocean pH is estimated to have decreased by ~0.075.


Most attention regarding this problem is brought to the anthropogenic causes of CO2  emissions to the atmosphere. The majority of this website will concentrate on that fact, while pointing out other causes as well.


Carbon Cycle

The carbon cycle illustrates the (semi) natural fluxes of carbon within the atmosphere and the interactions among various reservoirs.


Sensor that collects pCO2 and temperature hourly, data helps to understand ocean acidification effects. (NOAA CREWS station)

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Geography of The Seas 2009
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